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Re: Thanks; Xy3 versus Xy4; other DOS software you'd recommend fora PDA?

Gavin Budge wrote:

> One reason for my interest in Xy3 is that I'm planning to run XyWrite under
> a DOS emulator on a PDA (probably the Jornada 720, though Psion 5MX would
> do at a pinch), so the less demanding the application, the better, even at
> a certain cost in features. In the days of my old 486, all my
> wordprocessing was done using Wordperfect 5.1 (I hadn't even heard of
> XyWrite back then), but I reckon this is probably overkill for what I want
> (and the reliance on function keys is likely to be irritating).

Xy3 is leaner and meaner. There is a trade off with its lack of
features. If your palmtop (and I know nothing about them) has as much
memory as your old 486 did, you can probably use either w/o fear. Gordon
Haff's DF is still my favorite DOS app.

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