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Re: Thanks; Xy3 versus Xy4; other DOS software you'd recommend for a PDA?

On Tue, 01 Jan 2002 19:30:07 +0000, Gavin Budge wrote:

>If you'll allow me to be slightly off-topic, I wonder if there's any other
>DOS software people on the list have fond memories of, or even still use,
>that I might search out for my PDA. I expect most of you have a history of
>PC usage that way predates mine...

 The most useful simple utility I still use is LIST, which enables you
to view, copy delete, files much faster, much easier than, say,
Explorer. The most useful complicated utility I still use is DIRECTORY
EXTENDED, "DX," which can do, whew, amazing things. Here are 3

1) DX can sort files by any combination  of filename,
extension,  size,  date/time,  or file attributes -- ascending
or descending. Sort files within Compressed Files (ARC, ZIP,
etc.). The sorted output may be across the screen (or printer) or
columnar. It can compare files within Compressed Files with other
non-compressed files. Much more.

2) DX allows you to create batch files on the fly, right from the
command line. It also has a "run" switch that allows simple one-line
batch files to be executed. For example, this command provides a way
of doing a verified delete of all files in "MYZIP":  "dx myzip\
/run:'pkzip -d $p $n'"

3) DX can exclude files, so this command will give you a list of all
the files new on your drive in the last two days except those with the
extension "pdf" : "dx ;pdf /ff/sin:-2 "

Neither of these programs handles long filenames well, but of course
DOS doesn't either. (you get "docume~1" for "documents").

Not sure were to find these; drop me a note if you're curious and

--Ed Germain