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Thanks; Xy3 versus Xy4; other DOS software you'd recommend for a PDA?

Many thanks to everyone who responded to my quest for a copy of XyWrite!
I've been away from my computer for a few days, and was quite overwhelmed
by the number of replies (many of which I've answered individually).
Some people were puzzled by my interest in XyWrite 3, which had been
stimulated by Annie Fisher's massive "XyWrite Is!" site, which is entirely
devoted to XyWrite 3, and somewhat disparaging about version 4. I realize
her point of view is probably a minority one, but thought I'd like to try
the different versions for myself.
One reason for my interest in Xy3 is that I'm planning to run XyWrite under
a DOS emulator on a PDA (probably the Jornada 720, though Psion 5MX would
do at a pinch), so the less demanding the application, the better, even at
a certain cost in features. In the days of my old 486, all my
wordprocessing was done using Wordperfect 5.1 (I hadn't even heard of
XyWrite back then), but I reckon this is probably overkill for what I want
(and the reliance on function keys is likely to be irritating).
If you'll allow me to be slightly off-topic, I wonder if there's any other
DOS software people on the list have fond memories of, or even still use,
that I might search out for my PDA. I expect most of you have a history of
PC usage that way predates mine...