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Re: 1A EOF character (III+) revisited

At 08:43 PM 3/7/97 -0500, Joe Solla wrote:
>Recently, for reasons too obscure to mention, I had occasion to
>want to strip the 1A character from the end of a III+ file.
>Heretofor, I'd used Norton diskedit to replace the 1A with a
>space. But since diskedit chokes on Windows 95, I decided to try
>Harry's macro:
>BX dos/nv /c copy /a  killhtm /bQ2
>BX delete Q2
>BX rename killhtm Q2
>Under dos 6.22 (and various earlier incarnations) - it don't
>work. (Or it don't work for me)

Joe, I find this hard (but not impossible) to believe. Did you try the basic
thing outside of DOS, without XY? I mean, did you try looking at KILLHTM
with list.com after doing:

copy /a filename killlhtm /b



Harry Binswanger