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Re: 1A EOF character (III+) revisited

≪ I decided to try Harry's macro:

  killhtm /bQ2
 BX delete Q2
 BX rename killhtm Q2

 Under dos 6.22 (and various earlier incarnations) - it don't
 work. (Or it don't work for me) ≫ --(Get a life) Solla

Joe: You sure that dos command is correct? I find the EOF zapper
built into my v3 xpl file/session startup/shutdown--also based
on Harry's dos /c copy suggestion--100 percent reliable. The command
that works faultlessly for me is:
	dos /c copy {pv01} /a tmp /b
After retrocoding, the one you quote is:
	dos /c copy /a {pv01} tmp /b
nb: The file name and /a switch are transposed. I use DR DOS 6,
but MS and PC DOS usually follow form on basics.

A stand-alone extraction of my zapper is below. After final save,
with file still displayed:
	run !-eof 
As !-eof exits, the file as you saved it is on screen, the eof-less
version is on disk, and on the CMline are the comparative lengths per
xyW. If OK, abort (I've never encountered a prob). I just ran !-eof from
a 330K file and the code worked as usual. Give it a shot sometime. 	--a

!-EOF.UUE ===================================================

section 1 of 1 of file !-eof < uuencode 95 (v40) by R.E.M. >

begin 644 !-eof
sum -r/size 13472/1490 section (from "begin" to "end")
sum -r/size 1825/1065 entire input file

============================= adpFisher  nyc