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Re: Landscape printing

No, I meant OF.5in,6.5in, so that the even pages print on the left edge
of the landscape side of the paper (from position .5 in to position 4.5
in) and the odd pages print on the right edge (from 6.5 to 10.5), thus
getting the effect (though with four, rather than two, go-rounds in the
printer) of WordPerfect's print-as-booklet. But given that the right
margin is always wider than spec'd in landscape (I think it dates from
the age of printers that couldn't print on the bottom .5 inch of the
paper), the odd pages are always narrower than the specified 4 inches. If
I increase the left offset to .7 and decrease the right to 6, the even
pages print OK, but the odd are too near the center fold and still have
too wide a right margin. Looks as if I'll just have to get some kind of
DTP app (and Corel has made its latest version of Ventura run only on
2000 and XP, not to mention jacking up the price). Anybody know how NBWin
handles this?