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Just a quick note to say "Thanks!" for SMARTSET.U2, and for all the other
utilities and note on XyWrite you've posted here during the past few years.

Having been involved in the computer industry myself since 1983 as a marketing
and technology consultant for both the MSDOS world and workstation-level
computers, I do share your amazement at the lack of interest and response by
TTG to input on this BBS! It does seem to me that TTG is missing a potentially
great posotion on`tae word processing market for OS/2 by ignoring that arena.
It is insane to me that upper management is not on-line here on at least a
weekly basis. What a misuse of a great marketing tool!

And their neglect in keeping the XPL language for XyWrite consistent from one
release to another is totally exasperating, not to say self-defeating. I can
understand their problems in porting to the Windows environment, though certain
fixes could still be made. The management of TTG seem to be unaware that their
market "niche" (if I may use that term) is exactly for users who need to be
able to configure a word processor to their particular needs, rather than the
poorly-thought-out concepts of marketing execs and programmers whose use of the
English language has yet to progress past the point of saying "your certainly
right to complain about our lack of response"....

I first used XyWrite II as a writer for PC Magazine in 1984. It wasn't my idea
(I was using WordStar at the time) . . . I was
_told_ that XyWrite was the word processor of choice - no arguments! Once I
learned the commands, I couldn't go back, even though the "improvements" to the
program (ie, the elimination of auto-replace, C help menus, etc.) certainly
made it tempting to return to an earlier release.

Your efforts, and Robert's, are some of the main resaons why I have stayed the
course. Thanks again.

Peter F.