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SmartSet, a library of XPL power tools for XyWrite 4, appears in a new version
2.0 (rev. 2/17/94) for use with EDITOR v4.014L+ and with XyWrite for Windows.
Look for enhancements to many routines -- the date calculator (DEADLINE), the
file-comparison utility (FINDDIFF), the Help-frame indexer (HLIST), and more.
Plus, some new frames: LOG lets you file time-stamped diary entries right from
the command line -- great for anyone who needs to keep close track of billable
time. With KCODE you can write keyboard-file macros using straight text or
XPL, converting automatically to keyboard-file syntax. And MEMO lets you
attach "post-it" notes to the default status-line message. SmartSet is in the
user Files section--download SMARTS20.ZIP.