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Re: Access Denied

The "access denied" message might also be coming up if the file has the
Read-only attribute set. For some reason, when you restore backups from
ZIP drives and CD-Rs, they often get set that way. To find out if that is
the case, find the file in question from My Computer or Explorer, and
right-click on it. Go to properties, and look down at the bottom. If the
Read-only box is checked, that's the problem. To fix it, first try a few
more files and see if they too are marked Read-only. If they are, a DOS
command is the most efficient fix; if only that one is so marked, just
uncheck the Read-only box.
	To fix all of them, Go the to DOS prompt, CD to get to the directory in
question (first learn its 8-3 filename, because you generally cannot use
long file names at the DOS prompt), and type
attrib -r *.* /s
That will clear the read-only attribute from all files in that directory
and any subdirectories. Be SURE you are in the directory you want, not
the root. If you clear the read-only attribute from some of Windows' own
files you could trash your system royally.