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Re: Query on mirroring for Paul Breeze et al.

Jordan wrote: 

Ouch. That is bad news. I have several antique drives lying around that
still run perfectly. Slowly but perfectly. Some of them have been in
machines that suffered shorts in the controller card, power failures, and
other dire events, but the drive still functions. And two weeks ago the
bookkeeper's PC died--with, we thought, no backups. (She thought I was
backing up, I thought she was; fortunately, the CFO was doing it, but she
was away, so we didn't know that.) But when I popped the drive into the
replacement machine, there were all the data, Laus Deo.

CyberGuys has a gizmo that let's one have two hard drives in a PC,
internally, and switch between them by flipping an external switch on the
front of the box (rather like the old printer switch boxes). Each is
invisible to the other. That sounds like a good expedient for dual
booting, but probably not as useful for backup and restore. How do
hardware companies create those maddening "restore CDs"? If we poor end
users could do that, doing it every time we installed some new hardware
or software, or just messed around with control panel (and, of course,
kept our data on a separate partition), things would be MUCH simpler.