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Re: U2 version 119

Thank you very much for your suggestions.
I love telling people what to do, especially when I don't know
what I'm doing myself.
All you need is some kind of be-not-afraid notice about what
 to expect.
I now post a 3-second PRompt in REGCFG.PM, just before it
drops to DOS to search for files: "Be patient! Not Found/Not
Ready errors are NORMAL..." Then they see a whole bunch of
File Not Found/Device Not Ready errors. Good enough?
Sounds perfect, but in order to see this I'd have to reinstall
U2Utils, right? I'd rather not do that right now unless you tell
me I have to for other reasons (see STore report, below).
Another thing that hung me up was REG-READ.ME. It opens fine in Xywrite, but can't be printed under XP.
It isn't intended to be printed -- it is part text and part
program. Same with XyWWWeb.INF, our big Help file. CanNOT be
 printed! You can't print some files, you know -- not without
taking extra measures, such as loading a PRN that strips all formatting (STRIP.PRN, MAIL.PRN).
Several years ago, I was accused on this list of being a
belt-and-suspenders kind of person, and I guess it's still at
least occasionally true. I needed the hard copy to mark up with
red pen what I'd done, what I didn't need to do, what I
didn't understand, etc., and I needed the screen
version to refer back and forth. It worked (unless . . . see STore
report, below)
What is cURL? I suspect that I personally don't need it

cURL is a very small, very flexible file transfer utility. U2
uses it for almost all external connectivity. So leave it! Maybe you personally need it, maybe you don't. Consider it from our point of view: down the line, users come here and say "this doesn't work, that doesn't work" -- and we waste a lot of time trying to figure out why! That's the reason we created U2UTILS.EXE -- so that everybody has the basic files, and we don't encounter that problem. Same reason we wrote REGCFG.PM: so that everybody has at least a basic, functioning REGfile. Trying to simplify! Trying to nudge users who are progressively DOS-challenged toward NBWin! Do you "personally need" SHIMGVW.DLL in your %COMSPEC% directory? Should you delete it, perhaps, especially since Microsoft is not "particularly informative" about what it does? You wouldn't do that.
Sorry for the confusion. Readme.htm said to "Install freeware
cURL . . ." and I meant did I personally have to install it or
could I ignore it? You don't seriously think that someone who
needs both paper and screen versions of the same instructions is
going to start modifying or deleting chunks of your work?
Oh, and now I've just discovered that I can no longer use ST
 on the command line to store a file.
Hmmm. What are you talking about? The XyWrite STore command?
Works fine here... Ah, OK, the U2 command ST -- yes,
I see what you mean... OK, fixed.

Not really. I'm using the version you just fixed, and now cmline
STore  jumps to an otherwise blank black page to pose
the overwrite question and then, upon my response, returns me to
a blank blue (my XY background color) screen--no command line, no
status line, no nothing. To get out of this new twist, I still
have to toggle to Windows, right click the XY box, click close,
convince Win I really want to close, and then restart XY.

Cmline STore  works fine, but I think it was Carl who
predicted that I'd become so addicted to  that I'd
forget about  and he was right. By the way, 
works fine with ABort and with everything else I've tried except
And each time I open Xywrite now, there's an x on the right side of the status line even before I open any files.
Normal. Just means you're using an overflow file. It comes
and goes. CRG p.3-6.
Right. I just got a little nervous about using an overflow file
when I basically wasn't even using XY yet.
You might consider enabling expanded memory.

This is how I call Xywrite:  c: \xy4\editor.exe /e4000. Is this
what you mean?
Thanks again.

No, thank you.

Judith Davidsen
----------------------------- Robert Holmgren
holmgren@xxxxxxxx -----------------------------