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If have looked into the MS Word HTML product.  It is called
"Internet  Assistant" and is currently in Beta.  It can be
downloaded at  /www.microsoft.com.  Apparently what it does is
convert MS Word documents into  HTML format, but I do not think
it provides WYSIWYG editing capabilities.


>From my rudimentary knowledge of HTML, it sounds like it would
be possible to write a printer driver or filter to convert from
XyWrite to HTML in this manner.  After all, so many of the HTML
commands resemble XyWrite:

 text  is equivalent to text

Its the WYSIWYG capabilities that I find appealing of

On a related note, HTML allows you to place graphics images in a
document from a variety of formats: GIF, JPG, BMP, TIF, etc.  Is
there any discussion at TTG of expanding XyWin to recognize more
graphics file formats? I've never gotten the
Import Graphics feature to work very well, since something always
seems to get mucked up converting to/from TIFF or
BMP or PCX.  Seeing as how GIF and JPG seem to be the emerging
standards for graphics files in the Internet, how about putting a
GIF or JPG filter into XyWin?

Just a thought....