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Re: XyW 4.01 with Warp

" On Wed, 21 Dec 1994, Daniel Say wrote:
" " > i  Are the keys not being done in the right order?
" >  It's CTRL, held then ESC.
" > " Yes, they are...
" ===========swapping in OS/2 version 3 (Warp)
Then in XYW, when you want to swap to another,
   ALT (by itself) shows a pulldown.
   T in the word list, shows the list,
   First letter of the program to swap to.

or   ALT+TAB for all the programs and ICONS "Open", though
   minimized on the desktop.

 I assume that XYW is not full screen (A larger font:
   ALT, Font, choose (arrowdown, arrowup)
   might help may your window useable.