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Re: XyW 4.01 with Warp

Thanks, Harmon. That's the first thing that's made sense to me
about all of this. The Warp manual is virtually useless in
determining how to set up DOS programs under Warp, and I have
been running all of mine full screen. I was reluctant to get
involved with DOS windows because the first couple I tried came
up with the programs screens all convoluted in the windows. I
do have a 2.1 manual (bought the program to get the rebate
coupon), but haven't looked at it. Considering how bad the Warp
manual is, it's worth doing and I will.

I hadn't thought of putting XyW in the startup folder because I
hadn't wanted to increase my boot time beyond the five minutes
it now takes on this 16Mz machine, but that's certainly worth
trying as well.

Thanks again,
Marv Katz