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Re:Year 2000 Compliant

** Reply to note from xywrite@xxxxxxxx Wed, 09 Jun 1999 13:54:43

> Do we know whether The Technology Group will be supplying a Y2K fix so that
> XyWrite files are dated with four digits.

Do we know whether "The Technology Group" even exists? I mean, hey,
anybody can throw up a website and put on it the same files XyQuest was
posting six years ago, without one single addition, update, and/or thought. Apart
from that, what evidence do we have of life at TTG? True, somebody claiming to
represent TTG did promise, last year, that there would be a Y2K patch or fix in
1999. However, nobody can remember a fulfilled TTG promise since 1994, so... draw
your own conclusions.

TTG aside, what's actually going to happen here is nothing, until maybe a week
before the end of the year. Then somebody will shed the utter ennui of
Y2K, and invent a kludge, and it will be adequate. Probably. Carl did a few
basic tests many months ago, and reported in this forum that everything was
basically OK -- one glitch, as I recall, but nothing serious. So relax. Who
cares anyway. The worst that can happen is you change word processors, or else
(since sort order _will_ still be maintained) just adopt the idea that the 20th
century appears, sorted, at the top of a DIRectory listing, while the 21st century
appears, sorted, at the bottom. Or just say "9 June" and dump the year. Or
import sorted directory listings from your OS, instead of using XyWrite services
(easy). Or run a little-ditty program to re-order XyWrite DIR listings (piece of
cake). Or whatever. Everybody should stop worrying.

Robert Holmgren