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Re: XyWWWeb.U2 Version 114 Released -- Major Upgrade

Reply to note from Robert Woods  Tue, 1 Oct 2002
14:02:13 -0700

> Few things have been more valuable that JumboU2. Yet, with
> 114, I have experienced major problems with NB6.0. I've
> installed it on XYDos with no problems. NB, however, collapses
> in an internal protection fault despite the sg652 fix. (NB6.0,
> W2K)

Bob: Can you be more specific about when and how it collapses? I
assume you're setting  in NBSTART.INT, and that
NBSTART.INT runs to completion. Then what? What precipitates the
collapse? Does it happen when you try to run some U2 programs, but
not others? Among the programs you use, which ones work and which
don't? Are the programs that are crashing NB ones that extract data
from Registry variables? For the ones that fail, how, exactly, do
they fail? Are you issuing framenames from the CMline? Assigning
framenames in the KBD file? Using particular arguments or command
switches? The more blow-by-blow detail you can give us, the better
our chances of solving these problems -- if indeed they can be

Carl Distefano