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Mentions of XY (NB) in Nov. PC Magazine

[ Cross-post from NotaBene list. LotaBeans uses the XY core, so
             is relephant too ]
Date:     Sat, 4 Nov 1995 16:16:21 +0200
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From: e.miller4@xxxxxxxx
Subject:   Review of NB in PC Mag
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PC Magazine of Nov. 21, 1995 featured an cover article on word
(It is the world's biggest computer mag, now being sold for $1

 It reviews 6 stand-alone word processors and 4 that are part of
integrated suites of programs. Among the comments: (1) Word
processors tend to swallow up other programs rather than vice
versa, e.g., spell-checkers, outliners, probably web browers
next, and this will continue; (2) new programs have fancier
graphics for style, printing, etc.; (3) a few years ago up to 60
word processors would have been reviewed but most have

 Most interesting was a 2-page spread on "Special Interest Word
Processors" with short reviews of Accent Professional, The
Universal Word (both for their multilingual powers), Nota Bene,
XYWrite for Windows, and Wordperfect
5.1+ (because it's an old fashioned stand-alone DOS program!).

 The review of Nota Bene follows:

 "Nota Bene, a $249 DOS-based package from a company of the same
name, presents itself as the word processor for ambitious
scholars. But it's also the fastest, most efficient program on
the market for entering and editing text, from biblical
scholarship to romantic novels. Many full-time writers will find
it superior to any Windows package.

 "The keyboard layout--including the number pad--is dedicated
entirely to editing keys. Single keystrokes can delete or
transpose words, sentences, or paragraphs. Other keystrokes
simultaneously scroll the text in two windows, a feat that no
other word processor can perform at all.

 "The program searches at lightning speed through disk files,
and an add-in
"textbase" indexing module, included in the package, is even more
tightly integrated than Word Perfect's Quick-Finder. The
interface uses a command line that remembers previous commands
and a menu system that doesn't comform to CUA interface

 "The basic package includes a bibliographical citation database
that supports all standard publication formats. The $349 Lingua
version adds full support in all moduless for Eastern European,
classical Greek, biblical
Hebrew, and Russian alphabets. Nota Bene isn't for everyone, but
speed demons who learn to appreciate its vast powers won't be
happy using any other word processor.

 "Contact Nota Bene at 800-462-6733 or 212-334-0445."

 A photo of the screen showing the search menu over text adds:
"Nota Bene is known for its speed, not its good looks. This
DOS-based word processor is widely used among academics who
appreciate its bibliographical features."

 The review of XyWrite for Windows was not so favorable because,
while fast, its graphics are not up to par. The article advises
that only users of XyWrite for DOS should consider buying it.

Ed Miller The Watergate Washington, DC
   D. Say