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paralell ports and used printers and repacked cartridges

Dear Fellow Xywriters

I am not sure whether I should be called frugal or cheap or whether my experience is relevant to anyone else. I have been using repacked toner cartridges and buying reconditioned lazerjet printers for 25 years with significant cost savings and relatively minor aggravation.  Since the savings is so dramatic ($14 to $15 a cartridge vs. $70 to $90 for new HP cartridges and $50 to $60 for a used hp lazerjet 5 printer v $150 for a comparable new laser hp printer, and I have the space to store the extra supplies and printers I willingly put up with the drawbacks of repacked toner cartridges  and/or reconditioned lazerjet printers even if they they go bad from time to time.  If a printer goes bad it only takes 5-10 minutes to swap out the bad printer.  Since I always have at least one backup printer I have peace of mind.  Please note that  I only buy HPLazerjet 5.  It prints acceptable copies and is even today a fairly standard printer which still works with almost all software and I have settled on the HP cartridge for my toner medium.
If you are going to use repackaged cartridges and printers it is important to have plenty of extra  repacked toner cartridges and at least one or two extra reconditioned lazerjet printers so that without hesitancy or regret if something goes wrong you simply throw out the problem cartridge and/or printers, switch to the other printer and cartridge and promptly buy another Pinter or cartridge. It does not pay to repair or clean a defective or dirty printer (the cost of repairing and clearing is $100 vs $50 to $60 for a reconditioned printer on ebay (if you patient in bidding.    
I always have at least two operational Lazerjet 5 printers and the moment one goes bad, I chuck it out and buy another one on Ebay for about $50.00 to $60 (including shipping.)  If you have to pay shipping it doesn't pay) Invariably I buy from a commercial dealer,  My experience has been that dealers at least clean the Pinter and usually replace the gears and rollers.
90% to 95% of the material I print never leaves my office, so I am not as concerned about print quality as others are so long as one printer is capable of printing pristine copies that go out of my office and the other one prints readable copy.
For what it it worth, the only problem I find with Lazerjet 5 printer is that when the gears or rollers go bad they start to jam.  As I have said It is more convenient and cheaper to buy another reconditioned one than to repair it.
I have never had a poor copy issue due to the printer. All the hardware that controls print quality is in the toner cartridge with the exception of the font controls and I have never had an issue with the font controls 
most common problems that I have had with repacked toner cartridges is poor wipers within the cartridge which leave streaks on the copy or leaks.  Since the cartridge is sealed you have no way of knowing what you are going to get.  I am willing to risk a cartridge leaking, fairly rare, since as noted above I have no hesitancy in dumping a problem printer.