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Re: Callnext

** Reply to message from "morris krok"  on Tue, 26 Apr
2005 16:10:16 +0200

> Perhaps you may be able to help
> me with extending the use of Callnext, by enabling it to

CallNext? Is that my frame? Did I write that? No recollection...
Oh no! Look, Morris, I'd love to help, but I have a farm to run, kids to hug,
&c. I'll be available in maybe six months. My one project for the coming
period is to get U2 v118 out the door. But may I make a suggestion? Leave
CallNext alone. Use it as an engine for looking at one directory only.
Instead, write a second frame that calls CallNext as a child process. It's
much simpler that way. Your parent frame can focus on its task: it can find
the asterisked directories, point at them, and hand them to CallNext; it can
have an escape mechanism, as you propose, it can pause to edit or move, etc.
Your frame will be short and sweet. If it works, and has a generic quality
(i.e. isn't just totally idiosyncratic and tailored for one guy's quirks),
we'll put it in U2. But remember: cast it as a public, not private, program.
What that means in practice is: for example, if you're going to be writing an
asterisk in the directories, then you need to toggle user's setting for
variable XD (read-only dirs) to 0 when you start, and restore their old XD
setting on termination (for example!). Gotta dot all the i's. Personally, I
wouldn't put an asterisk, because it disorders the columnar appearance of the
dir listing. You could Bold the dirs you want instead... or whatever.

Robert Holmgren