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Using XyWrite with XP OS Was: Re: Xywrite history

I am changing the subject line of this thread as it has morphed away from XyWrite history.

See my own note from yesterday.  XyWrite can be used successfully in an XP environment. I use it on XP Pro both at home and at the office on desktops.  However, there are problems in using it on my laptop, as I described in my prior note  (for which I am still awaiting suggestions.)   I think that there is something about using XyWrite on laptops with XP that makes the software not work smoothly.  I have used XyWrite on IBM Thinkpads without dificulty, but the OS was Windows 2000.  

Question: when XyWrite appears on the screen, is it in DOS mode or is it in a Windows window?   Try changing it to the other mode [use ] and see what happens.  If that doesn't work, we'll try something else.


"Robert V. Schmidt"
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08/10/2005 08:04 AM
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>> Am using XyWrite 3.57 on XP with no particular problems. <<

I'm running XyWrite III+ on two machines:  a desktop using Windows 98 and a
laptop using Windows XP.  Under Windows 98 XyWrite runs as it always has
under DOS emulation.  But under XP, using the same installation and files,
I've had problems.

First, the screen appears in a "wide" mode, with a font so wide it looks
like something from an old impact printer.  Under Properties I've changed
every setting for the window size, the font, and the emulation mode to no
avail.  Even worse, the cursor keys (Home, End, PgUp, PgDn, etc.) produce
high-end ASCII characters rather than cursor movements.  Again, this is
with the same keyboard file that works fine under Windows 98.

This last problem has rendered XyWrite unusable for me in XP.  If anyone
has or can point me to a solution, I'll be grateful.

Rob Schmidt