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Re: AW: Xy on Mac revisited

On Sat, 9 Dec 2006, Russ Urquhart wrote:

> I think you can buy refurbs from apple of the previous models that
> are PPC, but I think that you're right, all the current models are
> Intel based.
> Russ

Hi, Russ.

I don't follow the industry letters on these things, but a basic
question would be to define "current," or the point when Apple made this
change. I wasn't aware of it. My youngest Mac is a PowerBook G4--about
13 months old. The CPU is "PowerPC G4 (1.2)." Is that what you mean by
"PPC" (vs Intel)?

It does run Virtual PC, but we already know that. Sorry not to be helping
Lisa very directly by saying that I'm happy with Virtual PC, but I'd add
that for using XyWrite a real keyboard is essential. I bought a Mathias
Pro (can check exact model if you wish, and also provide URL).

Carlo Caballero