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Re: AW: Xy on Mac revisited

On Dec 9, 2006, at 2:15 PM, Patricia M. Godfrey wrote:

 BUT has anyone actually run Xy under either of them? (Lisa's original question.) After all, several people tried other Windows/DOS emulators  (e.g., DOSBox), and couldn't get Xy working.

As i said, i have NOT tried this as i don't have an Intel based mac.  I HAVE seen screenshots of Parallels running DOS. For me this would at least give me enough confidence to demo Parallels, install DOS and put Xy on it, with some degree of confidence.

(By the bye, I have heard that more than 50 percent of the PCs in corporate America cannot run ANY version of Vista, and 90-something percent cannot run the top-level version. Dare one hope that M$ may finally get its comeuppance, even if from corporate bean-counters? When thieves fall out...)

You would think so, wouldn't you, and as much as i would like to also see that happen, i really don't see that scenario taking place. For most people, IMO, the M$ Windows experience is THE experience when ever anyone uses a computer. Having to jump through hoops for Vista, whether that is a new computer, monitor, etc., regardless of what I or others may say that there are other alternatives, is just the cost of THE computer experience.

In a Macworld keynote, Steve Job said that people only use what they know. For most people they only know the Windows experience so they will continue to follow and use the Windows experience.