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Re: Thanks; Xy3 versus Xy4; other DOS software you'd recommend for a PDA?

At 19:30 Uhr +0000 01.01.2002, Gavin Budge wrote:
>If you'll allow me to be slightly off-topic, I wonder if there's any other
>DOS software people on the list have fond memories of, or even still use,
>that I might search out for my PDA. I expect most of you have a history of
>PC usage that way predates mine...

A couple of DOS programs that I continue to use are:

TED (the Tiny Editor, a truly minimalistic text editor. With 3 k in size,
it is almost invisible, but it is great to do something quickly on the fly)

TSE (The Semwrite Editor -- the opposite end of the wordprocessing
spectrum. A lightning-fast, extremely powerful text crunching software that
does not blink where XYwrite gives up. For example, it runs a
search-replace operation in documents of up to 64 MB size at XY speed (i.e.
immediately)). I use it where XYwrite is too weak.

DR (Directory, a great replacement for the DIR command. Very useful for
quick and efficient disk housekeeping)

TEXTCON (TextConverter, a semi-intelligent converter that analyses "hard"
text with line returns into flowing text, with surprisingly few errors in
its analysis)

-- Rene von Rentzell, Tokyo (rrr @ twics.com)