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Calling menu from program

 I am devoted user of XyWrite and an avid customizer. Only this week
 when trying to find a workaround, did I find about about this
 LISTSRV. I am delighted to find a community of other like-minded
 users. I have a question which TTG tech support could not answer I
 have downloaded the old archives to try to answer my question but
 fail to find an answer, so I will pose it here.

1. In Xy4 for DOS (and previous versions), I have been able to
call up a menu from a program by using the SH function and a letter [for example
AK R for the menu called by AltR. That strategy fails in XyWrite for
Windows. The SH function also fails. I have been unable to find
a way to use the JM function to do it either. How can it be

Related question: 2. Is there any systematic listing of changes
in XPL necessary from XyWrite for DOS and XyWrite for Windows?

Best wishes,
Steve Shaw