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Re: Voice Recognition for real?

Robert Holmgren wrote:
summary verdict on
Kerouac's unedited stream-of-consciousness texts: "That's not
writing, that's typing." XyWrite's executable isn't called
"Editor" for nothing.

A hit, a palpable hit.

>> I remember training Via Voice to
backspace, delete, select text, move, copy, replace --
painfully, RIDICULOUSLY labored procedures. Waste of valuable
Yes, one would NOT want to do that. But most of the time, when I
do that, it's to correct my own typos, not revise (at the first
round; once the thing is at a certain stage, I revise, but that
would be done in native Xy). So if VR could eliminate the
innumerable typos, it would help. But my experience with Voice
Mail Hades doesn't leave me very sanguine. The office was
laughing its head off when I tried to activate Windows by phone:
here am I carefully enunciating (excruciatingly carefully
enunciating, in my best 1940s radio announcer accent) AQ157...,
and Microsludge's robot is saying Ï didn't quite get that...)

Patricia M. Godfrey