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Re: La Machine Est Morte, Vive La Machine!


I've forgotten what your original installed OS is going to be. If it's going to be 32-bit, even if
it's Windows 7, just try running your old XY installation and I expect you'll get a CMD

If it's Win 7 64-bit, XP Mode will work, and I'd think MS would integrate its own virtual machine
better than a third party. There are some little tweaks, like turning off XP's "you need an
antivirus" warnings--MS couldn't take that out?--but it will be a completely familiar

There were emails on the list for how XP Mode can network to the Win7 host so XY can view the rest
of the computer. For my particular purposes, I've never needed to do that--I just export from XP/XY
to Win7. But I remember reading that it can be set up. 

Meanwhile, if you want to go with a different virtual machine in Win 7 64-bit, rather than XP Mode,
you might as go with the smallest simplest one rather than another gigantic Win 7
installation--which is why Kari has all those Win 2000 particulars. Win 7 is huge--and even XP Mode
is half a gigabyte--so why install it twice? 

The torrent link to the Win 2000 ISO just downloaded for me in about 3 minutes. (Never know if I'll
need it for Windows 9.) It's 3 years old, and if it held malware I would expect at least one of the
comments  would have said so by now. 

Jon Pareles