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Chain Printing & Other Bugs

 Re: your msg #9297:

 SysOp> My only suggestion in the interim would be to place
 SysOp> the filenames in the parent file with returns between the
 SysOp> names. This does seem to work, however you would probably
 SysOp> need to manage the page numbering with this method.

 Surely you know that, in chain printing, carriage returns between filenames
divorce them from each other so that they no longer constitute a single "set"!
[CRG 2-57ff] What purpose is there in "chain printing" if you're not going to
collect files into "sets"?? The whole point is to carry references forward:
page|footnote numbers, indexes, cross-references, etc -- the stuff of real
books. Whereas your suggestion is identical to TYping each file individually.
(Do you guys really understand what my problem is? Gee whiz...)

 SysOp> Concerning the evaluation of three-byte characters,
 SysOp> XyWrite is as you indicated, loosing the third byte (00)
 SysOp> when the character is processed in an evaluation.
 SysOp> As you know our three-byte characters have always
 SysOp> been considered reserved, however I will write a
 SysOp> bug report for this situation.

 I don't know what you mean, "our three-byte characters have always been
considered reserved". What I'm talking about is 256 characters in the "XyWrite
Character Set" -- every char from 256 through 511! What's "reserved" about the
XyWrite Character Set? Anyway, reserved|unreserved is off the point, which is:
SX string concatenations ignore Ascii-0. *Evaluations* (in$tring or
containment evals) for Ascii-0 *do* work, as my code examples demonstrated. I
suggest that you forward my code examples as part of your "bug report"; maybe
the recipient will actually run them.