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Re: Automated Clean-up of Ragged Text ?

Reply to note from jr_fox@xxxxxxxx Thu, 02 Nov 2000 10:17:32 -

-> The jumbo .U2 is essentially the descendant of Robert's
-> XYWPMKIT (going back to the XY-3 days), OOdles, and your SMART
-> program collection, incorporating years of refinement to a lot
-> of those venerable routines.

Indeed. And you, Jordan, are showing your age! (Well, aren't we

-> I imagine that a lot of these programs came to be for no other
-> reason then that the authors got tired of having to deal with
-> the same problem or issue over and over again, and cooked up
-> something to handle it quicky and efficiently.

Isn't that why anyone writes XPL? Necessity is what drives us,
usually. Other times, we just want to see whether, and how well,
something can be done. There's real pleasure in crafting code that,
in the end, works as designed.

-> And we are all the grateful beneficiaries of that effort.

Aw shucks! Actually, more than thanks, we crave feedback -- bug
reports, constructive criticism, and suggestions for new routines.
We so rarely hear from other users.

Carl Distefano