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Re: Hallucination or possibility?

Robert Holmgren  wrote:

[a bunch of stuff regarding XyShell]

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I now have a somewhat clearer
picture of what you are about, and it does make more sense than what
I thought. I personally am not terribly keen on this particular
goodie from your lab, but I wish you success nonetheless.

However, while I have your attention, may I hark back to a suggestion
I made (humbly, of course) sometime last year (I think just before
you went into computer detox last summer): I very much would like the
capability to search for a string *only* through all the files that
are currently open, i.e. a routine that searches first the file in
the current window, and then offers the option to also search through
any other files that are currently open in other windows. Could you
or Carl possibly be interested in something like this?

Expectantly yours,

Wolfgang Bechstein