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Re: Technology Group Home Page

At 02:12 PM 1/8/97 -0800, you wrote:
>The implication is that SmartWords remains a separate product. I'd gotten
>the impression from various posts that XyWrite had been "folded into"
>Has anyone called TTG for specifics? If not, I plan to this week or
>early next and will report back to the group.

My impression of all this was that SmartWords _IS_ the product, with all
other things being subsets of that product. The statement that sort of
concerns me is Ken Frank's:

  "While the primary thrust of the product is into areas which
  will not be of interest to our traditional users (e.g. dynamic
  conditional text, tight database links, outlining, and integrated
  application development functions), I believe it is also a step
  forward for those who simply want a better editor."

Does this mean that they haven't fixed the existing features, removed some
of the old, taken out the old "mc (make coffee)" function (one of my fav XPL
commands, especially in the morning). How are they going to handle
graphics? Are they going to handle graphics? What about tables, chairs,
stools? Good Lord, what about the kitchen sink! Oh, that reminds me, Ikea
has some wonderful tables on sale, I think. Sorry, I digress. Also, where
is the command line that we all know and love.

The big question for me would have to be, "has any of the old functionality
changed or has material and new functions only been added to the programme?"
I have to say that there are features in Xy that I have become dependent on
and I would hate to think I am going to have to do without.

If you find out more about SmartWords, do let us know, I don't think I can
take the anticipation any longer. I think I will have to go lie down now.

Carter Campbell
Calgary Alberta