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Running XyWrite under Dos or Windows

> Yo intl:
> In my case, when I move to a new Windoze computer,
> the first thing I do is open the file
> "MSDOS.SYS" in the root directory and set the
> line"BootGui=0".

Another way is to make available a personal "WIN.BAT" file as the first
"WIN" file found. In fact, after having done the boot sequence, the
operating system invoke "win" and it executes the first WIN.COM or WIN.EXE
or WIN.BAT it find.
Copying the attached WIN.BAT file in the root of the boot disk you get the
choice to stay in Dos or to start Windows. From Dos, you can start Windows
later typing "win".

This batch file assumes the following:
- Windows resides in a directory named "\windows" (default Windows
installation); if different, edit the file on the line "\windows\win" to
match the requested directory path.
- CHOICE.COM is available and can be found by the system (default Windows

You can also put the file in a appropriate directory (e.g. "\bat") as long
as you modify AUTOEXEC.BAT to search "\bat" as the first directory (i.e.
put the line "set path=c:\bat;%path%" at the end of your AUTOEXEC.BAT).
Hope this can help.

Adriano Ortile

Attachment: Win.bat
Description: Win.bat (File batch MS-DOS)