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Re: 25 lines

From Lawrence Malkin for Morris Krok
     Perhaps I misunderstand Morris Krok but on my (Toshiba) notebook loaded with Win98, Xywrite 3+ fills three-quarters of the screen with 22 lines in a Windows box. I find this more or less sufficient but have been trying to figure out how to change the type font to what I had in Windows 95, and which filled the entire screen with 22 lines in more readble letters. (The full screen with Win98 is a nice size but the letters are in an eye-straining font.)
     I've received several pieces of helpful advice and am waiting for the computer nerd (a Polish mathematican) to come and see if he can make them work. But meanwhile, if you have any more suggestions, they would be welcome.
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From: mailto:essence@xxxxxxxx; title=essence@xxxxxxxx>Morris Krok
Subject: 25 lines

    From Morris,
                        In my e-mail regarding XP and 25 lines, I said that Xy3 works perfectly and that is without the need for any modifications. The main issue that I queried is that only 25 lines appear on my 19 inch monitor which occupies only half of the screen, and is there something that can be done to increase the number of lines.
    On my notebook using 98, the 25 lines filled the entire screen so I was not aware that MS operating systems only allow this number of lines to be displayed at one time.
    The Tsr PRD shorthand dos program is also restricted to the 25 lines (approx).