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Re: Calling a file as an argument to Editor.exe


This looks clever.

I think I get the principle, but the details would take more time and
effort than I can put in now.

I have long used one XPL program, for a different purpose, that writes a
batch file that then will be run via a quick shell to DOS.


Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit As for NB3, it has NB.EXE that does not accept this kind of argument at all. What I have used for years with success is the following: I have at the end of startup.int two lines: RUN startup.dir Run startup.fil They in turn are subroutines that configure the startup location and the file to be loaded at startup if any. startup.dir has: D: CD \FOLDER startup.fil has: #3 BC CA FILE.TXB XC≪ex≫ This one-liner is easy to make up dynamically by echoing from a batch file if need be. The startup.dir subroutine is handy with vDosPlus. I have a batch will that can be used to change the location of the next instance of NB. This way I can open many instances in different folders with one set of editor files. The last instance remains when I use the editor the next time. ***Xy_where.bat ECHO OFF TITLE Select XyWrite startup directory CLS :MENU ECHO --------------------------------------- ECHO Change startup directory for XyWrite ECHO --------------------------------------- ECHO. ECHO 1 - FIRST ECHO 2 - SECOND ECHO 3 - THIRD ECHO 4 - EXIT ECHO. CHOICE /C:1234 IF ERRORLEVEL 1 SET M=1 IF ERRORLEVEL 2 SET M=2 IF ERRORLEVEL 3 SET M=3 IF ERRORLEVEL 4 SET M=4 IF %M%==1 GOTO FIRST IF %M%==2 GOTO SECOND IF %M%==3 GOTO ENSU IF %M%==4 GOTO EOF :FIRST copy c:\xy\conf\first.dir c:\xy\startup.dir >nul cls echo. echo XyWrite will start up in: FIRST echo. GOTO MENU :SECOND copy c:\xy\conf\second.dir c:\xy\startup.dir >nul cls echo. echo XyWrite will start up in: SECOND echo. GOTO MENU :THIRD copy c:\xy\conf\third.dir c:\xy\startup.dir >nul cls echo. echo XyWrite will start up in: THIRD echo. GOTO MENU *** Best regards, Kari Eveli LEXITEC Book Publishing (Finland) lexitec@xxxxxxxx *** Lexitec Online *** Lexitec in English: http://www.lexitec.fi/english.html Home page in Finnish: http://www.lexitec.fi/
It used to be that this would open XyWrite with foo.bar called: c:\Xy\Editor.exe foo.bar But for years (since Xy4?) that hasn't worked on my system, whether I'm launching from cmd.exe or from 4DOS. I have a workaround (creating on the fly a special startup.int that calls foo.bar) but is there some other solution, or is this a problem only on my system?