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Re: XyWWWeb.REG error message - Thunderbird signature settings

Paul is right.

In Windows
Tools, Account settings, then click on which ever account you want a signature for. eg. priscamg@xxxxxxxx This will probably be at the VERY top of the list, above server settings.

There is a "Attach this signature" box.

Paul Lagasse wrote:
Patricia M. Godfrey wrote:
By the by, does anyone know WHERE the latest version of Tbird ( has HIDDEN the option to attach a signature file to one's messages?
In the Linux version, it's under Account Settings (Edit pulldown menu; might be Tools pulldown menu in Win). It's on the first (or top) settings page associated with yr email address; in my case, the page displays if I click on "pglagasse@xxxxxxxx" in the list of items on the left.

Paul Lagasse