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XYWWWeb.reg for NB

In the current XYWWWEB.REG it almost seems as if you don't have to
input values in some of the primary variables section, but can that
be right? The VADR deltas for *Temporary_Files=* and for
*AutoSave2_Path=* are grabbing the right values. Same for the JM
2.GetPath calls in *AutoFile_Saved_Files=* and
*Savesess_Data_Files=*. Or am I totally out to lunch and are those
just place holders? If not, is there anything more than a simple
C:\NBWIN I need for the above variables? (Putting this simply, for U2
basics, can XYWWWEB.REG be used out of the box?)
Meanwhile, if I wanted to take advantage of REGCFG.PM in C:\NBWIN,
would I run that from within XY or from within NB?
Trying to configure XYWWWEB.REG for NBWIN, I also notice that, using
XY, when you ChDir to \NBWIN and call up the XYWWWEB.REG raw in NB's
root directory, the VADR delta produces *C:\XY\* [XY's root directory
on my machine] instead of *C:\NBWIN.* I know that this is meaningless
in some ways because if you at XYWWWEB.REG using NB instead of XY,
you see that VADR is outputting the right path.

Michael Norman