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Thanks for your response early last week to my Signature suggestions &
concerns.  Since that time I've been so busy using Signature, that I haven't 
had time to respond with my comments.  Hopefully you'll still be able to follow
the train of thought now.
1) The best way I've found to "see" what I'm working on onscreen
   is to switch to the ASCII printer and write in draft view/hide
   pagebreaks.  This kills the offset, and keeps everything (unless
   there is a line with a lot of format triangles or [xxx]
   characters) onscreen.  Using a monospaced typeface as you
   suggest is only practical in my case for single typeface
   documents.  Switching printers seems a lot easier to me.
   However, I still advocate a "show/hide margins" toggle that
   would directly accomplish the goal of keeping everything
   onscreen in draft view.  I believe that Dragonfly incorporates
   this feature in Nota Bene.
2) I have switched to Code Page 850 as you suggest, which
   eliminates the [xxx] characters in the 0-255 range.  I still
   think it would be wonderful to be able to substitute a
   designated character for all [xxx]s, or to be able to substitute
   on a case by case basis.  There are a lot of useful high-range
   [xxx] characters that make the draft mode screens look like
   And worse yet, the spelling checker does not recognize the
   high-range [xxx] punctuation characters as just that.  It is
   very frustrating to have every word adjacent to a double quote
   or an em-dash ([264],[265],[260]) flagged and shown to me as
   misspelled.  Could you please refer this buglet to the hot list?
3) I misspoke when I asked for case-sensitive search and
   replace.  I should have said case-preserving search and replace. 
   That is, "cat" for "dog" - "Cat" for "Dog" -
"CAT" for "DOG" all
   by one command.  I am looking at making the appropriate XPL to
   SPL changes to existing programs that will accomplish this.  I'd
   only suggest that such a program be included in future Signature
   releases as a programming example that accomplishes a frequently
   desired editing action.
4) I may not have been clear with regard to my comment regarding
   dingbats as outline bullets.  I have dingbats and do use them as
   bullets.  I was just commenting that they cannot be used as the
   standard automatic outline bullets under the current
   setstyle/usestyle design.  This is not a big problem for me.  It
   is easy enough to program a key to call a style and then insert
   an explicit dingbat bullet character.  However it would be nice
   to have these handled in the same way that bullets from the
   extended character set are.
Thanks for your responses.  And thanks for passing my suggestions on to the 
appropriate XyQuest channels.