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Re: U2 version 119

Robert Holmgren wrote:
Still others change the Subject name within a thread.  Or they start a brand new Subject -- but initiate the msg by "Replying To" a specific person, which plunks irrelevant msgs into an existing Thread (in fairness, this is less frequent now).
I've wondered about the proper way to address this. Suppose we have a
thread, but the last few messages have branched off into another
topic. Or X, in addressing something that Y has posted, makes a passing
remark that Z wants to address, but that is strictly speaking on another
topic. Should one acknowledge that fact by changing the subject? (IIRC
knowledgeable people have sometimes done "Re: New Topic [was Old Topic]"
to signal the changeover.) Or just leave it and let the extranous stuff
stay in?
If anyone knows of a site where this is discussed (NO WAY I'm Googling until this WMF mess is fixed), could you please post the link--entirely at your leisure. Thanks.

Patricia M. Godfrey