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Re: La Machine Est Morte, Vive La Machine!


There are different ways to accomplish what you want.

1) Multiboot: 32-bit Win7 as your main system, and 64-bit Win7 as a second option. Best integration with Xy and Win7 in 32-bit (like it used to be). The option to run 64-bit programs occasionally. Clumsy and out-of-date.

2) Only 32-bit Win7. Works, you lose some performance, half of your memory will not be used. It would make sense to uninstall those memory chips and save them as spares.

3) Install 64-bit Win7 Pro only, use XP mode for running Xy. The problem is you cannot trust on XP to do emailing or net. You need to go to the main system. This is not any better that W2K. For this XP mode is a clunker, and a waste of your time. W2K runs 95% of the programs XP can, and this better and faster.

4) Install 64-bit Win7 Pro only, run a virtual copy of W2K. (Or a virtual copy of DOS under Virtual PC 2007, this is even faster and has better DOS compatibility). Your can write files from the W2K (or Virtual PC 2007) VM to a path on your main machine through file sharing, and process them there using Win7. I, for example, maintain and edit sites using W2K, and FTP them on the Win7 side. I could probably safely do this on the W2K side, but I am using modern solutions to connect to the Net. I have Virtual PC 2007 with software virtualization for DOS (which means I cannot have the latest Virtual PC installed), and VBox with hardware virtualization for W2K. All this runs simultanenously without hiccups.

Best regards,

Kari Eveli
LEXITEC Book Publishing (Finland)

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24.7.2014 23:22, Carl Distefano wrote:

I've forgotten what your original installed OS is going to be.

The machine will come with 64-bit Win 7 Home Premium installed, but I plan to upgrade it to 64-bit Win 7 Pro, mainly so that XP Mode will be an option. I take your point about the compactness of Win2K, but disk space and memory won't be issues, so in the first instance I plan to use Win 7-32 as the virtual OS: I'd really like the virtual machine to be able to connect to the 'Net. A good deal of what I do with XyWrite depends on it (sending/download emails, launching web pages from XyWrite docs, etc.).

Carl Distefano