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I Don't get my own posts


I posted to the list two days ago and yesterday and have not received copies of my own emails or
answers to the emails. Can't figure out what's happening. Been some months since I posted last week.

Michael Norman

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>While I do not question your word as to SP's reliability score, I am not sure if it is that
>easy to use for novices or the like. PC Mag UK gave their Editor's choice to both
>products, mentioning in particular the ease of use of the Acronis product.
>I know Acronis has its pitfalls, but a complex outdated user interface may also be
>perilous for the non-expert user. Ideally, the backup software should be installed by a
>professional including testing and instructions how to operate it in case of need. Failing
>that, I would proceed as follows (DIY tip): first make a bare-metal backup using Redo
>Backup and Recovery (http://redobackup.org/), then install the normal daily backup
>utility you plan to use, be it Acronis or some other package, and test it fully for backup
>and recovery. Without testing, you may end up in big trouble, if you just back up and
>think that the backup will be eventually recoverable if the need arises.
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>> To confirm: ShadowProtect is unmatched for reliability. (I won’t let
>> Acronis anywhere near my system after multiple bad experiences.)
>> Add a second hard disk to your system (or attach it via a USB 3.0 port) and set
>ShadowProtect to back up your entire disk to it, with a full backup once every week or
>so, and an incremental backup daily (or even more often). I also make a full
>ShadowProtect backup on a separate USB 3.0 hard disk once every week or so and
>store it away from the computer.
>> Restore points are often very useful but they don’t always work (System Restore
>didn’t solve a problem for me just last week). When that happens, I restore from a
>ShadowProtect backup; that always works. I use Dropbox to make sure that current
>versions of my documents are always available.