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Re: Can I install Xywrite

 I also have been running XYWIN under both win95 and win98 without any
problems. Instead of "installing", I just copied the directory/folder
completely from one OS to the Other, then created a shortcut Icon onto
the desktop for the EXE. Works fine.
 I have heard many questionable stories about XP, so I don't plan on
using it for some time. As a result, I can't comment on XY or NB under
Dick Giering

"Yo Intl. YK" wrote:
> At 16:49 Uhr -0500 20.12.2001, Leslie Bialler wrote:
> >You may very well have problems. XyWin didn't install with alacrity on prior
> >versions of Windows, so there's no reason to suppose the issues have been
> >resolved at this late date. Indeed on Win 9x machines, the program will not
> >close if you click on the X. Frankly, I wouldn't even bother trying.
> I can not confirm that. My XY-Win ran fine under both Win95 and Win98
> (apart from the occasional "protection violation" harrassment).
> The real problem was getting it INSTALLED. I got so tired of the bizarre
> procedure that on this current machine I did not bother. The combination of
> XY-DOS4 and NotaBene (for sending faxes) seems suffiecient.
> -- Rene von Rentzell, Tokyo (rrr @ twics.com)