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Re: hardcode.pgm

>Ages ago, there was a program called hardcode.pgm ...

Yeah, it never worked.

The simplest solution is TYPES. Also known as TYS. It produces REVIEW.TMP
which may need a tiny bit of cleaning up before being saved under your
desired filename.

Robert Hemenway refers to incrment.pgm. But isn't there a way to get the
value of ≪c1≫ from memory (as the cursor moves down the file)?

If not, you could write your own increment.pgm--such as:

TF         go to the top of the file that's open
      set variable 01 to the value 1
        label a
BC se // XC   find the next C1 in the file
       put the current value of variable 01 into the file
+1>   increment the variable
        label b
TF         go back to the top of the file
BC ci /// XC  wipe out all the c1 markers

Note: the above has not been debugged--it's off the top of my head.

Harry Binswanger