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Subject: Underline

I seem to recall that the underlin utility was for getting underline to
display on MDA monitors, and am surprised to hear it works at all with
VGA cards and displays. If you have a Postscript printer driver, I know
you can tweak it so that underlined text prints as italics (which is
rather the reverse of what you want, but achieves the same effect). So
the reverse should work: open your printer driver, and copy the code that
outputs MD+IT to the output for MD+UL. That would work OK on your own
system: you'd use MD+UL in files, and they'd print ital. But if you need
to export the files to another app or another person, it would take a bit
more work. Off the top of my head, I'd say you'd play around with the
Printer font matching section of the printer file. Have to run some
errands now, but will take a look at it later. Interesting problem.